Jan 06

Rails and Sybase Adapative Server Anywhere (SQLAnywhere) - Part 3

etienne @ 8:28 am

For anyone struggling to get SQL Anywhere working with Rails there is some good news, I’ve received and email from Eric Farrar from Sybase to let me know that he has been doing a lot of work on developing a new adaptor for SQL Anywhere. I’ve included the content of his email below for anyone interested.

There is now a ActiveRecord adapter specifically for SQL Anywhere. It is available on RubyForge at sqlanywhere.rubyforge.org/. The source is hosted on GitHub and is available at github.com/sqlanywhere. This driver does not go through ODBC, but instead uses the new C API library to directly interface with SQL Anywhere databases. Please note that this driver can only be used with SQL Anywhere 10 and greater.


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