May 19

Rails and Sybase Adapative Server Anywhere (SQLAnywhere)

etienne @ 1:13 pm

In a previous article (Sybase DB Adapter) I wrote how I tried to install the Sybase adapter in an attempt to get access to an existing SybaseASA 9.0.2 DB. After doing some research I found that this adapter only works for the Enterprise edition of Sybase (i.e. SybaseASE).

So I needed to find an alternative that would work with SybaseASA or SQLAnywhere. After a lot of searching I came across a group dedicated to this task, at this stage there is not a lot of activity. One of the postings from Bryan Lahartinger proved very helpful, in the article he mentions "odbc-rails". I did a google search and found there is a Ruby project ODBC Adapter for Ruby on Rails / Active Record that has been developing an ODBC adapter for use with Rails.

The latest release has added support for SQLAnywhere so I dowloaded and installed it. There is a home page for this project which provides detailed installation instructions. I do my Rails development on Windows using InstantRails, a quick check confirmed that Christian Werner’s ODBC module comes preloaded with InstantRails so I did not have to install it separately. I downloaded the gem file for V2.0 from rubyforge and installed it using:

gem install -l activerecord-odbc-adapter-2.0.gem –include-dependencies

I setup my database.yml file to use the DSN I had previously defined to access the DB, i.e.

  adapter: odbc
  dsn: mydatabase
  username: uid
  password: pwd

I started my server which loaded without any problem but when I tried to run my application I got the following error:

ODBCAdapter: Unsupported database (adaptiveserveranywhere)

As SybaseASA is the same as SQLAnywhere I changed the following line in odbc_adapter.rb (line #:1585) to get me going from:

elsif dbmsName =~ /SQLAnywhere/i


elsif dbmsName =~ /SQLAnywhere/i or dbmsName =~ /adaptiveserveranywhere/i

So far everything seems to working without any problems, I’ve asked if it will be possible to get this change added to the gem, if not I will need to monkeypatch the source. Next I will attempt to do an install under Suse Linux as this is where the application will ultimately reside.

Update: I’ve now added the monkey-patch to my application see Rails ODBC Adapter with Sybase Adaptive Server Anywhere (SybaseASA)

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  1. Rails ODBC Adapter with Sybase Adaptive Server Anywhere (SybaseASA) | IT.Signals says:

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  2. Eric Farrar says:

    There is now a ActiveRecord adapter specifically for SQL Anywhere. It is available on RubyForge at The source is hosted on GitHub and is available at

    This driver does not go through ODBC, but instead uses the new C API library to directly interface with SQL Anywhere databases. Please note that this driver can only be used with SQL Anywhere 10 and greater.

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